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    Mercedes Benz Jigsaw
    Everyone loves a good puzzle, especially when the final picture that you finish is of a ravaging beauty like say a Mercedes Benz car. The instructions to play the game are very simple. First the photo of the Mercedes Benz puzzle is shown which the final picture is. You can choose from 3 designs of the Benz made available. From that you can choose the design and also the difficulty mode, normal or hard. On clicking the shuffle button, the image gets shuffled into jigsaw pieces which have to be joined to solve the puzzle. But keep in mind there is a timer than runs as soon as you press the shuffle button. If the time runs out before you finish the puzzle then it is game over. On finishing you finally get the see the image again which you yourself made if you manage to complete in time. The game is really very interesting, and if you happen to be the puzzle loving types who are always up for a decent challenge, then you are pretty sure to enjoy this game.

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    Mercedes Benz Jigsaw  


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