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    Cyclomaniacs 2
    Here we present Cyclomaniacs 2 once again on our website. It's a sequel to Cyclomaniacs 1 with added features. To accelerate use 'upward arrow' or 'W', to apply brake use 'downward arrow' or 'S', to lean back use 'backward arrow' or 'A', to lean front use 'forward arrow' or 'D', to jump use 'spacebar' or 'X' key. Player has 50$ in his/her account initially, which increases with the number of rounds played. Like any race start your cycle as soon as it says GO! Look out as the racing track is full of steep up and down valleys and some sudden plain lands. Drive with great acceleration and show front roll-back roll stunts to increase your BOOST and STUNT meters respectively. You can win car park ticket if you finish within 6th place and a Bad Viking if you finish the race within 50 seconds. Once you unlock it, the next offer that comes is to win Easter ticket and a Capt Star Spangle. Such attractive prizes keep coming as you reach targets. Again, you can also upgrade speed, acceleration etc. after each round.

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    Cyclomaniacs 2  


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