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    Parking Trainee
    Test your driving skills by maneuvering your car to the perfect parking spot while avoiding obstacles and scoring extra points. Use the keys W, S, A and D to move your car. You can use a combination of these keys for more specific movements. The goal is to drive the car to the correct parking space marked by the box with the moving arrows before the time runs out. Be careful with the bumps! Make it to the parking spot without hitting barriers, buildings and other cars. Hit these obstacles six times and it's game over. Obstacles get trickier as the game progresses. Higher levels have moving obstacles and tighter driveways. You can gain extra points before driving to your parking spot. Get extra points by hitting gold coins scattered in the parking lot. Coins are sometimes located in hard to reach areas so be careful. Levels are scored based on the time consumed (Time Score), number of bumps (Life Score) and extra points (Treasure Score). Trophies are awarded based on the scores on each level. Trophy classes from highest to lowest are gold, silver, and bronze respectively. Parking Trainee has thirty levels to choose from. Scores and trophies from all completed levels are recorded so you can keep track of your progress. Initially, le

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    Parking Trainee  
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