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    Alex Trax
    Well, if you happen to be a real bike fanatic, then you know how it is to like doing anything that is connected to bikes, skills and all that is closely related to the bikes thing! And apart from the real bike-related activities, now you have born some interesting in playing a game that is related to the bike thing, so we believe that you have searched a lot and we hope it’s enough this moment! You are standing in front if a perfect bike game, so it’s time to describe it a little bit, so that you would know what is happening in the later game play of this well designed bike game called Alex Trax. And so, let’s start by saying that in this game the most important aspect is placed on improvement of the techniques and abilities related to the bike! Avoid colliding into anything so that you will play the game as it should! And finally, to be able to control this game, use the arrow keys from your keyboard to move in directions and the space from the keyboard to decide which way you’ll turn. It’s time to go. Enjoy!

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    Alex Trax  


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