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    Dead Roadkill Highway
    Dead Roadkill Highway is zombie apocalypse, action packed, thrill game, where you have to drive through never ending siberian decayed highway wasteland to survive, because your hometown is overrun by zombies and needs evacuation. At the beggining you have small amount of money, old truck car and lesser quality hit gun that will easier your combat. If any zombie jumps on your vehicle, you will get into trouble and maybe die. You have to shoot them as fast possible, because they affects the way how car is controlled. Your speed car also have a powerful nitro, so you can drive much faster and earn more money in this race of life. Earn money to buy better cars and power-ups! Upgrade, armor up and personalize your vehicle and get ultimate zombie smash force of destruction. Earn cash and buy powerful weapons to kill zombie mutants that want to spread viral plague to you.

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    Dead Roadkill Highway  


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