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    Magic Safari
    The Safari can be a very complicated place to travel across, which is why the monkey needs your help; he needs to get across the land in his jeep, but it seems that wherever he goes, a bunch of crazy obstacles are always in his way. Seeing as how you are granted god-like powers in this game, Sir Monkey can only count on you to clear the path ahead of him. In Magic Safari every level is basically a puzzle that you need to solve in as few clicks as possible. You are given a total of four different powers: destroying things, manipulating gravity, changing the shape of things, and just plain-old magic. In order to use one of the powers, simply click on its name on the list located at the very top of your screen. This is a thinking person's game, so don't rush ahead, keep your cool, and you'll see that no obstacle is too great for you.

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    Magic Safari  


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