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    Buggy Space Race
    If you like Buggy racing games and you are looking for a different racing track! In Buggy Space Race games you must drive along with other skilled buggy drivers in space and try to keep your truck on wheels and make it first to the finish line. Collect boost and speed up your unlock buggy to smash all the space boxes in your way. The collision with the boxes can be tricky and you can easily flip over and die. So adjust the speed and try to be the best driver in the game. After each level won on first place you will earn points and after 3 levels on first place a new lighter and faster buggy car it's unlock. Take your truck driving skills to the limit and try to overcome all your rivals in being the best! Enjoy 10 intense levels and nice looking graphics the game has to offer. Have the best time with our exclusive Buggy Space Race games here on vitality games and have a blast!

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    Buggy Space Race  


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