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    London Taxi Madness
    To play London Taxi Madness game, you need to press the up arrow key then release it. This will enable you to speed your taxi. To drive at full speed, you have to repeat this several times. To gear down, you press the down arrow key. If you want to jump other cars on the way, you press space bar. When you want to change the lane you are driving on, use the right and left arrow keys depending on the side of the lane that you want to take. A player has to ensure that their taxi arrive at the checkpoint without exceeding the time given. There are many cars on the way that are likely to block the player. Special features of the taxi that include the ability to jump over enable it to go past other cars even when they block all lanes. Passing the checkpoint within the limited time earns the player of London Taxi Madness additional time.

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    London Taxi Madness  


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