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    Stewie Bike
    Stewie Bike is a fun packed game with very user friendly interface. The only controls needed to play this game are the up, down, right and left arrows on the keyboard. Stewie Bike is controlled by using these buttons. The "Enter" button is used to reverse the bike's direction. There are eight levels in this game. Each level is unique and they feature different challenges to the player. There are irregular slopes and challenging obstacles on the track. The bike has to be maintained upright when passing through these challenges and any fall will make you to start from the last save point. You can do different types of flips when passing over the challenging obstacles. It is of quite fun and challenging too. When you reverse the bike direction, it is a different experience to pass the obstacles in the opposite direction. All these features make Stewie Bike a fun packed game.

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    Stewie Bike  


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