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    Stunt Driver
    Stunt Driver has a pretty simple set of instructions. You choose one of the tracks and just follow the indications given in the briefing. The goals of the track may vary, but the key commands always stay the same. Player controls the car with the arrow keys, up serving as a gas pedal and side keys for turning left and right, and can use the handbrake by pressing the space key. Three rounds per track are available to increase the score and to try to break the record. Afterwards, scores are updated on the main page and new tracks are available for a player to choose. After reaching specific score levels, completely new tracks and cars can be unlocked. Stunt Driver is a fairly simple, yet a very fun game to play. With its simplified commands, the game is highly addicting and enjoyable, but also allows a player to improve himself while trying to beat other players high scores.

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    Stunt Driver  
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